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Mary has done my tax return the past couple of years and continues to do a thorough job. She answers all my questions and gets the job done in a quick and efficient manner. I would be happy to recommend to her to family and friends.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2017
Posted By: Debi Baldwin
I was 2 years behind on my corporate taxes on 2 separate companies. I was overwhelmed with the task of organizing the receipts for 2 companies.
Mary as a lifesaver! She was professional and helped me break down the project in manageable chunks.
She prepared all my tax returns quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost.
She also helped me with an organizational system going forward.
I would strongly recommend Mary for your bookkeeping and accounting needs.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2017
Posted By: Christine Salberg
Since starting my business I have worked with a few different accountants. With Mary, communication is quick and easy, and the tools she uses to share files back and forth is super easy. This makes my life easier as all I have to do is upload the files and Mary can take it from there. She is also very responsive to my questions. Whether it is a business question, or a how-to question for Quickbooks, Mary has always been able to help. I would recommend Mary to any small business owner looking for help with their accounting tasks.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2017
Posted By: Brooke Boser
Mary is professional, works quickly and friendly too. I would recommend Accalia Accounting to anyone looking for superior service.
Date of Posting: 04 January 2017
Posted By: Lea Storry
Mary has taken our complicated accounting and business system turning it around through creative organization and working "one on one" with me to develop strong business systems to ensure the success of our two companies.
I could not have been so successful without her direction and expertise.
Mary has become more than our accountant she is our professional confidant as well as a "friend".
Mary never judges our "disorganization" but merely sets us straight with "Quick Books" addition to make our careers and companies flow seamlessly.
We "Love" you Mary! :)
Darcy Shaw :)
Date of Posting: 04 January 2017
Posted By: Darcy Shaw
I hired Mary in 2012 to look after my small business taxes and book keeping, until today date her services are excellent and accurate, and also she's an expert with all aspects of tax fillings and submissions. I saw a great skills and dedications in her performance
I would strongly recommend Accalia Accounting for corporate and personal tax filling and book keeping services
Opti Consultant
Jack Abbas
Date of Posting: 03 January 2017
Posted By: Jack Abbas
Peter hired you as an Accountant in 2014
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Great job...:)...we worked around tough circumstances and she made it happen...thanks again...:)
Date of Posting: 20 August 2014
Posted By: Peter Janiszewski
I have only known Mary for a short while through a networking group we both attend, however, Mary is always very helpful with any business questions I have; and if she doesn't have the answer immediately to my question(s), is willing to do the research to find it out. Mary is super pleasant to deal with both on the phone and in person and I would highly recommend her bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation services.

Mitchell (Mitch) Ravvin, BComm, PFPC
Professional Fundraiser & President
Rave Results Inc.
Date of Posting: 18 August 2014
Posted By: Mitchell Ravvin

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